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Clinton M. Cambey has been in the home electrical business for many years, and his clients can assure you of the comprehensive job he does with installation and repair.

Clinton began CMC Energy so that he can share his years of experience with his neighbors and make their homes a brighter world. Although our Electrical Contractors are emphasizing Home Solar Power at this time, CMC Energy is here to provide your home or business with the highest quality electrical work and installation.

Whether you need a complete, off-the-grid solar power package or just an extra outlet by your desk, Clinton and his crew are there to fill your needs, from new construction to moving outlets to solar power installation.

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Most other solar ‘installers’ in the area will only sell you the equipment for your home’s solar power installation. They do not have the knowledge, experience, or the proper certifications to safely do the electrical hookup to your home’s electrical system. The whole installation is a little pointless if it is not tied to your home’s electrical system.

Clinton and CMC Energy are proud to have this opportunity to help you and your family enjoy all the benefits of Solar Power for your home, and our electrical contractors look forward to helping you to select the best system for your home or business’s needs.

To learn more about Solar Power or our electrical contracting services, Call us today.

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