5KW – 5.99KW


High efficiency solar inverters for the Australian market – Perfect choice for a single or multi-family house.


Omega Single Phase String-type Inverter series is the ideal solution for roof-top solar system solution. With the characteristics of high efficiency and reliability, compact design and
easy installation, it is applicable to distribute power generation system.


Designed for residential and small commercial PV installations, this inverter fills a specific niche in the Aurora product line to cater for those installations producing between 5kw and 25kw.


SolarRiver (Brief in SR) series PV grid-tied inverters are string inverters specially designed for small and mid-range systems by SamilPower. It consists of 6 power levels, which provide more flexible choices for PV power plants. With impressive efficiency up to 97.6%, SR series string inverters are not only with high cost-effective, but also modern appearance. Moreover, it strictly complies with the international certification or standards, i.e.: CE, TUV and VDE, etc.

SMA SB 5000 TL - 21

The ideal solution particularly for demanding PV arrays and partially shaded plants: As multi-string devices, the new transformerless Sunny Boy 3000TL, 4000TL and 5000TL models offer maximum planning and realization flexibility. The high DC voltage of 750 V proves to be a cost advantage, since fewer parallel strings are required. In addition, the integrated grid management functions make the devices suitable for universal applications and allow them to actively support the grid. The new wall mounting system further facilitates installation.

SMA STP 5000 TL - 20

standards for home systems. It features an asymmetric multi-string and Optiflex technology to ensure the highest in flexibility
while combining peak efficiency with the OptiTrac Global Peak system to generate the highest in yields. In addition to communication.