The Solar Panels are the heart of your home’s Solar Power System.

They are also its Pretty Face- the panels are what people will see when they drive by your home. They will see the panels on your roof and think “Wow, those lucky people are saving on their utility bills by taking advantage of Free Energy from the Sun!”

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Each panel contains a number of Photovoltaic Cells. The Potovoltaic material is a semiconductor material that produces an electric current when light shines on it. There are a few different technologies that are used to produce the photovoltaic cells, and each has advantages of value or performance.

Solar Value

Choosing the right Solar Panels for your home’s Solar Power system is a process of evaluating how much performance you need from your system, the amount of space you have to mount your system, and then choosing the technology that gives you the best value. Usually in Solar, value is expressed in getting the most power for the least dollars.